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Magic Dry Ice Ultra Daily Hydrator AM/PM


This ultra hydrating, anti-aging lotion moisturizes dry skin and helps protect from environmental damage. Olive Fruit, Squalane and Raspberry Seed Oils replenish moisture and improve lasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Cassia Alta Leaf Extract (DN-AGE) helps to inhibit tyrosinase activity and reduce free redical damage.  Lipobrite HCA, deprived from plants, helps to brighten skin and provides antioxidant protection. A synergistic blend of Clari-NET (Sea Dffodil) and Kombuchka, deprived from Black Tea, has anti-glycation benefits and enhances smoothness, leaving skin smooth, radiant and ultra hydrated. 


35 ML/1.17 oz

Acrona Magic Dry Ice

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Made in USA.

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