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The Arcona Basic Five helps to speed up, stregthen, and enhance the skin's renewal process. The result is fresh, radiant skin. It'll change your life - you'll grow!


1. Golden Grain Gommage

  - Enzymatic exfoliant cleanses, tones ad refines your skin, leaving it fresher, brighter and vibrant. Exfoliate with oatmeal and cornmeal. Purify pores and resurface dull skin with Retinol and Glycolic Acid. Helps hydrate and reinforce skin's natural barrier with a unique blend of Aloe Vera, Olive Fruit Oil, and Vitamin E. 


2. Peptide Hydrating Complex

 - Daily hydrating moisturizer deeply nourshes with firming Peptides and skin strenthening Flavonoids. Helps replenish and protect depleted and dehydrated ski with Rose Hip Oil Support, restore and deeply hydrate with Glycoaminoglycans and Lecithin, enhancing skins firmness and moisture retention. Dramatically improves skin's radiance and defends againt signs of premature aging. Ideal for dry, dehydrated and moisture-deprived skin.


3. Desert Mist

 - Unique protective barrier serum defends against moisture loss, against moisture loss, envioremental damage and free radicals, while reinforcing daily hydration. Seal skin against pollution, weather, chemicals and free radicals with antioxidants Glutathione, Vitamins C and E. Hydrate with Sodium PCA and Glycerin, natural humectants that pull moisture from the air to alleviate skin dryness. Ideal for dehyrated, dry and lakluster skin. 


4. Gentle Solution

 - Gentle, but highly effective, nightime seerum refines and resurfaces all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin,as you sleep. Decongest microcomedones with Lactic and Glycolic Acids, calibrated at an ideal PH to exfoliate and refine the look of skin's texture. Nourish and strengthen with Algae, Amion Acids and Chlorophyll for brighter and more glowing skin. Fine lines, discolorations and wrinkles will dramatically diminished. 


5. Kiwi Cream Bar

 - Nourishing facial cleanser helps replenish dehyrated and depleted skin as it minimizes the appearence of pores. Nourish and hydrate skin with kiwi and aloe extracts, rich in antioxidants. Helps soothe, restore and replenish with vanilla fruit oil. Leaves skin feeling clean and balanced, without overstripping or drying. 

Arcona Basic Five Daily Essentials Dry Skin

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$69.60Sale Price
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  • 7 Day Return or Refund with proof of purchase. 

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