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1. Cranberry Gommage 

 - Purifying cranberry exfoliant cleanses, tones and decongests enlarged pores, leaving skin visibly cleaner, smoother and more refined. Brighten and resurface skin with Zeolite and Blueberry Enzymes. Unclog and minimize the apparence of pores with Cranberry and raspberry enzymes. Leaves skin purely ploished and glowing. 


2. Magic White Ice

 - Daiy hydrating gel moistures the skin without clogging pores, to help protect against environmental damage and leaves skin fresh and dewy. Moisture skin with white cranberry complex and hyaluronic acid. Totara extract is excellent for oily and congested skin. Oil-Free and ultra lightweight. 


3. Desert Mist

 - Unqiue protective barrier serum defends against moisture loss, environmental loss and free radicals, while reinforcing daily hydration. Seal skin against pollution, weather, chemicals and free radicals with antiovidants Glutathione, Vitamins C and E. Hydrate with sodium PCA and Glycerin, natural humectants that pull moisture from the air to alleviate skin dryness. Ideal for dehydrated, dry and lackluster skin.


4. The Solution 

 - Active nighttime tonic helps resurface your skin as you sleep. Decongested microcomedones with Glycolic Acid, calibrated at an ideal pH to exfoliate and refine the look of skin's texture. Nourish and strengthen the Spin Trap, and Fructooligosaccharides for brighter and more glowing skin. Fine lines, discolorations, blemishes and wrinkles will appear dramatically diminished.


5. Toner Tea Bar

 - Antioxidant facial cleanser soothes and cleanses your skin as it tones and minimizes the look of pores. Calm the help protect skin with antioxidant Green and Black Teas. Tones and soothe with Witch Hazel, while helping to maintain skin's natural pH balance with calming Coconut, and Aloe Extract. 

Arcona Basic Five Daiy Essentails Oily Skin

$87.00 Regular Price
$69.60Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Paraben-free, Chirally-correct, Gluten-Free, Phthalate-free, Sulfate-free, Cold-processed, dye-free, Petro-chemical-free,PEG-free

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